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Please Help Before I Go Insane (With Myself Lol)

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I have a very basic (as simple as you can possibly get) ajax script.


Problem is never seems to work when I type in, but when I compare line by line with the most basic example on the w3schools (again that works when I copy and paste, but I hate doing that, despise it personally with myself).


Works when I copied and pasted, then compared line by line mine to theirs, but it's just still not working makes no sense to me at all.


Could someone help me with this?


function loadXMLDoc()
	var xmlhttp;
		xmlhttp=new XMLHttpRequest();
		xmlhttp=new ActiveXObject("Microsoft.XMLHTTP");


It's the w3schools one: http://www.w3schools.com/ajax/tryit.asp?filename=tryajax_first see when I copy up to where I have the alert, I change the w3schools example and it works, just baffling me to no end, what's wrong with what I am doing?


I'd really love to know.


Thanks in advance everyone :)



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