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Best approach for creating a client update form


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Hello everybody,


I am building a new site for a music school. The client wants to update the "news" and the "upcoming events" sections very often. I can set up a little add/upload form ...no problem. The problem is that he wants also to upload some pictures for the "news" section (for example, after a concert or recital he would like to add some information with pictures and/or videos of the event). What would be the best approach to do that? Should I create a special form which an image upload section? But then, how would he know which picture will he put in this or that place of the page? It seems very risky to me if a client manipulates images and videos with a form.


On the other hand, he definitely doesn't want to pay extra money each time he wants to put new info or pictures, he wants to do it by himself.


Any suggestions? (Other than create a Joomla or MySpace site)





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