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Php-Cart-Oop: Paypal Sandbox Totally Changed


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I wonder if there is an update to video 33 of the php-cart-oop-mvc-course?


It seems that paypal's sandbox has totally changed since the video was created. That time, Ben could just create a testing accounts for buyer and seller right away, while at this time it seems I have to create a sandbox testing app with a bunch of options before getting to the points I am interested in for the sake of the php course.


Is there an update of some kind?


Anyway, thanx for a great course!! Really good it is!

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Hello. There isn't an update currently, but it's on my list.


Thanx. However, I managed to find my way though video 33 in paypal anyway. Seems probably only the layout and number of options is changed. There might still be issues further ahead, as I havent had the time to get any further.

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