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Kp5-Dispatching-Views Errors


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I have been going through your php training video and i have done all up to php_advanced_pt2 which includes :







The first video seems fine but somewhere in kp4 and kp5 it all goes wrong and it doesn't work how it should.


I have been over and over it and can't find the problem. I have even installed your own files found in "php_advanced_sourcefiles / kp5-dispatching-views " and i am getting exactly the same errors.


I am using mamp pro and i have tried the script on php 5.2.17, php5.3.14 and php 5.4.4 which i am currently using.



My files are located in:





these are the errors i am getting:




Notice: Undefined offset: 2 in /Users/rickyspires/Sites/TRAINING/PHP_OOP/MVC/public/index.php on line 22


Fatal error: Uncaught exception 'Exception' with message 'Please implement a function called Action!' in /Users/rickyspires/Sites/TRAINING/PHP_OOP/MVC/site/app/controllers/ControllerAbstract.php:31 Stack trace: #0 /Users/rickyspires/Sites/TRAINING/PHP_OOP/MVC/public/index.php(37): site\app\controllers\ControllerAbstract->dispatch() #1 {main} thrown in /Users/rickyspires/Sites/TRAINING/PHP_OOP/MVC/site/app/controllers/ControllerAbstract.php on line 31




If i remove $pfx from list($pfx, $controllerName,$actionName) = preg_split('/[\/\\\]/',$uri); in index.php

it fixes the first problem because $pfx is not defined any where but it is probably not the correct thing to do.






if i remove



throw new \Exception("Please implement a function called $method!");


from ControllerAbstract.php it fixes the second error but is probably not the correct thing to do.




when i remove that code and go to my local site (http://training-mvc.com'>http://training-mvc.com) the site is blank


if i got to:


http://training-mvc.com its blank

http://training-mvc.com/index/ its blank

http://training-mvc.com/index/welcome its blank





Thank you

Ricky Spires

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I seem to have a similiar problem I get the error messages

Notice: Undefined variable: controller in c:\xampp\htdocs\playground\killer_php\public\index.php on line 45


Fatal error: Call to a member function dispatch() on a non-object in c:\xampp\htdocs\playground\killer_php\public\index.php on line 45


Line 45 contains



Just to be on the save side I exchanged my code with the download code so I'm sure there is no typo - has anyone got an idea?




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After the above problem did not give me any peace I played around with the index.php file and came to the conclusion that the problem lies with the URI


I use xampp 1.8.3 (php 5.5.1, Apache 2.4.4)


My File path is:

F:\xampp\htdocs\killer_php (htdocs is the root for localhost)


If I echo print some of the variables I get:

echo APPLICATION_PATH .'<br />';

I get F:\xampp\htdocs\killer_php


so far so good

The next thing I echoed was the REQUEST_URI on index in the public folder

echo '<br />Request URI: ' . $uri . '<br />';

This outputs

Request URI: /killer_php/public/index/


Also this is still good

However is I echo the controller Name after:

list($pfx, $controllerName,$actionName) = preg_split('/[\/\\\]/',$uri);

but before the switch I get

Controller Name: killer_php


Obviously this is wrong as it is supposed to be index, I tried to adjust the path but to no avail


I would be glad if someone could help or point me in the right direction




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For all those that have the same problem as me here is a dirty workaround


In the file /public/index.php find the line


list($pfx, $controllerName,$actionName) = preg_split('/[\/\\\]/',$uri);


and replace with:


//list($pfx, $controllerName,$actionName) = preg_split('/[\/\\\]/',$uri);
$uri_e = preg_split('/[\/\\\]/', $uri);
$nrs = count($uri_e);

$nrs1 = ($nrs - 2);
*    Uncomment the next 4 lines if you are not getting the right result
*    then adjust the number in the line above
//echo '<pre>';
//echo 'The number of the array identifier :' . $nrs1 . '<br />';
//echo 'The value of the array node: ' . $uri_e[$nrs1] . '<br />';
//print_r(preg_split('/[\/\\\]/', $uri));

*  This is where the "magic" happens

if ($uri_e[$nrs1] === 'index' && $uri_e[$nrs1 + 1] === '' || $uri_e[$nrs1] === 'public' && $uri_e[$nrs1 + 1] === '') {
     $controllerName = 'index';
     $actionName = '';
} elseif ($uri_e[$nrs1] != '' && $uri_e[$nrs1 + 1] != '') {
     $controllerName = $uri_e[$nrs1];
     $actionName = $uri_e[$nrs1 + 1];
} elseif($uri_e[$nrs1] === 'test' && $uri_e[$nrs1 + 1] === '' ){
     $controllerName = 'test';
     $actionName = '';
}else {
     echo 'Controller can not be found';

*    Which controller is passed ?
*    Uncomment the next line to find out
//echo '<br />Controller Name: ' . $controllerName . '<br />';


Thats all, this way you can at least follow the rest of the tuts


Hope it helps




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As the above does not work that well and is all but elegant I sat down and refactored the code.


Firstly find the lines (of the original code)

$uri = strtolower($_SERVER['REQUEST_URI']);
list($pfx, $controllerName,$actionName) = preg_split('/[\/\\\]/',$uri);

and replace with:

$uri = strtolower($_SERVER['REQUEST_URI']);
$url = preg_split('/[\/\\\]/', $uri);

//See if you are on target by un commenting the following two lines index should be $url[3]
//echo '<pre>';

//list($pfx, $controllerName,$actionName) = preg_split('/[\/\\\]/',$uri); // this does not work unless you are in the root

if ($url[3] === "") {
     $controllerName = "index";
     $actionName = "";
} else {
     $controllerName = $url[3];
     $actionName = $url[4];




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