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Designing Website Including Electronic Payment Option


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Hi guys,


Good day

I like to inform you that I work in oDesk (SEO). Recently one of the clients invites me an interview “Designing website including electronic payment option”. Though I have learnt about WordPress and Web Design, but I never work professionally in oDesk before. So, please give me advice that how I could convince the client and get the job and complete successfully.


Please see the job description below:


"I would like to design a website for my small business. It is including the following pages and features:


1. 11 pages including main page.

2. Accepting online payment from credit cards via PayPal.

3. To be searchable in different Search engines

4. Creating SEO.

5. Compatible with all browsers including chrome, IE and Firefox

6. Mobile version with having all pages and options working in android and Apple.

7. Training to how change the text and pictures in pages.

8. Main colors are orange and white.

9. Sample website is www dot ertinc dot com


Home (main) page:

This page to be loaded when visitor clicks on domain address. This page has some text and pictures. A nice flash showing some pictures is an option


The other components of this page are:

1- Top Bar menu(Home, Services, Jurisdictions, Get a Quote, Clients, Links, Carriers, Electronic Payment and Contact us)

2- Logo in top left side

3- Login bar menu (Top right) including "Login" and "Register". This is not functional now.

4- "Copyright @ 2013 Achievement Engineering Corp." in the right bottom of the page.



A drop-down bar opens and two options shows: Geo-technical Engineering and Special inspection.


Drop-down to be slow-motioned.


SERVICES/ Geo-technical Engineering Page:

All pages to have the same template as home page design. This page includes some text and pictures. At the bottom of page there is a button “Request for Quote”. Visitor will direct to a new page by clicking on this button.


SERVICES/ Special Inspection Page:

All pages to have the same template as home page design. This page includes some text and pictures. At the bottom of page there is a button “Request for Quote”. Visitor will direct to a new page by clicking on this button.



This page is including a map showing San Francisco Bay Area cities. There are some points on map. Clicking on any of those points open an small tag showing the name of City. One more click removes the tag box. This page has some text.



By clicking on this bat menu two options are opens: Geo-technical Engineering, Special Inspection.


GET A QUOTE/Geotechnical Service Page:

This page is a form and visitor can fill it up. He can also attach some files (More than one file). By clicking “Submit” button an email to be forwarded to admin including all filled information and attached files. A message to be shown to visitor that his quote received and we will be in touch shortly. Visitor also will receive an email confirming he will receive a quote very soon. Form detail will be provided later.


GET A QUOTE/Special Inspection Page:

Same as above with different content in form



A table in same main template with three un-boarded columns; list of clients, City and scope of work



There are some links in main template and visitor will direct to the page by clicking on each link.



This page shows list of opening jobs. By clicking on each job a new page with information about the job will appear. There is a button “Submit resume” is in this page. By clicking on this button visitor will direct to a new page can fill the “Cover Letter” section and attach his resume. Clicking on “Submit will send the cover letter and attached files to admin email address and visitor will receive an auto response



Visitor can type the amount and then continue to pay the amount using the main credit cards via PayPal.



Visitor can fill a form and attach a file (Up to 5G). By clicking on “SEND” button admin will receive an email including all field information and attached files. An auto replies email to be forwarded to visitor saying that we received his request and will reply to him shortly.


Please send me your proposal including work, time and payment breakdown. Due to previous experience I prefer to not pay in advance."


No more, I am waiting for your kind response.


Thank you.

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I haven't personally worked with oDesk, but as a full time freelance designer/developer... I think you'd approach this the same way you'd approach any other potential project.


-- You'd send a response outlining your experience, providing sample projects you've worked on in the past, and explaining how your skills fit with the goals the client is trying to accomplish. What websites have you done or experiences do you have that would allow the client to feel comfortable working with you?


-- You present yourself as a professional in any client communication. That means being polite, friendly, and showing you will provide good customer service to the best of your ability. I think this also extends to your portfolio website, your official proposal -- anything physical or digital you send the client. They should all be well designed, consistent, and look like you know what you are doing.


-- If you don't have a portfolio website you can link to, I wouldn't apply on oDesk until you do. With clients you work with face to face, it's possible they can overlook a lack of previous work if they are impressed with how you present yourself. But if you are working with clients only online, having a professional looking portfolio site that presents work you've done in the past and information about you helps potential clients be comfortable trusting you.


-- I wouldn't apply to any jobs that are outside your experience range, where you have no idea how you will accomplish something. It's OK to push your knowledge a little... for example, say a project requires Wordpress knowledge, which you have, but requires you to perform something Wordpress related that you've never done, that may be fine for you to apply for. But don't take on projects where you aren't confident that you will be able to complete what the client is asking for. That's just asking for unhappy clients and long term issues.


-- If you don't have any/very little professional experience, I really wouldn't start with oDesk. I'd start by finding people you can work with locally, connections you make in your everyday life, through friends or family members. Build up some experience and professional knowledge before you start applying to places online.

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