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I have an ecommerce site that runs off of php and html. The cart I use, runs off of php coding and I am finding it difficult to add a piece of code that is necessary. Like a homepage tag if someone decides that they want to go back to the homepage. Here is a link to my homepage and the product listing part of the site: http://mcstithantiques.com/ , http://mcstithantiques.com/productlist.php?category=59. If you see that on the product page that it doesn't have a way to return the homepage. I need to know where in the code I can add the hyperlink so it appears on the product pages. I forget to mention that I am using cartweaver so if anyone is familiar with the extension please help me out.

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It is common practice to make your header an escape hatch to the home page. This will salve your problem.


I have never used that program before, but there should be some kind of navigation for the pages. Then add the home link, or add a div to the page for your navigation.

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