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After lots of work - All comments appreciated


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After putting a lot of time and thought into my website design and the flow of my website, I finally have a near final layout.


If you would comment on any of the following areas I would greatly appreciate it:


URL( http://www.FlawlessWebDesign.com ) or for short ( http://flawlesswd.com )


Overall site appearance:


Flow of site (navigation, easy to understand):


Coloring scheme:


Material (graphics) used:


Suggestions / Improvements:

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I would say it is a solid site. It is not oozing a overall web 2.0 quality yet... but gradients look nice...header is good. On the frontpage especially, i would look to get more images that illustrate what you are are saying to get them interested- to much reading for a splash page. IE. Each package should have an image of the person your targeting - so they relate - then they read. More of a marketing point then a design point.


You have good prices.


you have a spelling mistake


"Domain Name Discovery

The smart way to resister a domain." *register

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I disagree about the header, first I find the logo too fuzzy, too much outer glow on the text. For a width of 1000px I think the header should have more height, it looks unbalanced.

Also your top navigation would look better centered instead of off to the right.


I don't find the colours of your links or the footer very harmonious with the rest of the site and half of the links are showing a red visited state even though I haven't visited the pages.


Good point from henns20 about the images, it would give the home page more visual appeal.

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