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jQuery sliding week selector?


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Hi Guys,


First off let me say I've googled/searched this site for the answer to my question and couldn't find exactly what I want.


Basically, I'm building a website for a friend and one the things he wants is a table with 7 columns with column representing a different day (including the date). Under each column he has a list of times (You don't have to worry about that)


So it'll be like this:


Monday (6/1/2009) Tuesday (6/2/2009) Wednesday (6/3/2009) .... ... "Next Week"

5pm - 6pm 6pm - 8pm 9pm - 10pm

6pm - 8pm ... ...



Now the thing is that the header part of the table has to scroll. Meaning that when a person clicks next week the dates change and display the next week. Only the dates would change. Also he'd like it if the first column was the current day of the week (For example instead of Monday as first today Friday would be first)


This calendar will be part of a form, and the the time that the user clicks will be passed on.


Now I've thought about this a while, but I can't really determine the best method to approach this problem. Any ideas?


BTW, we're using Cake PHP and jQuery


Thank You!

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