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How do I stop audio in a hidden frame?

Guest Joe

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I have three hidden frames that rotate content when the user clicks next. The content slider works fine but I don't know how I can embed audio properly. I have an audio file for each frame, but when I go to frame 2, the audio in frame 1 continues to play. How can I stop this problem. I want the previous audio to automatically stop when the next frame becomes visible.


> Somebody showed me the javascript below but I don't know how to customize it for windows media audio player or even where to put it:


onChange: function(*previndex*, *curindex*){
if (previndex==curindex) //if two indices point to the same slide (page first loads)
 return //do nothing
else if (previndex==1)
else if (previndex==2)
 else if (previndex==3)


:rolleyes: Please help!

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