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News blog, based on Wiki

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News blog, based on Wiki


The idea is about making a slightly modified news-debate site. The new thing about it is that members, in some cases would be able to edit the original article. This way some articles would develop into a community made "featured articles section" OR in some way community choosen articles is highlighted, marked by a "choosen grade".


In a trad blog people can comment, but the original article is not changed. In this experimental site the article after comments, in some cases would be opened for members to alter and develop. The thing is that you never know from start which articles that will stay closed and which will be opened for modification. The design should be something of a trad. news blog but with some features as Wiki to both open for development and handle articles in search, subject archive etc. after. I belive it must be 1 integrated system to work nice. For short it could be called a "Wikipedia where the discussion is placed in front".


Do you think this can be done in TikiWiki, in a cms with a Wiki module, other or perhaps impossible?



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