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Dreamweaver Cs4? 5? 6?


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The general difference between the versions are updates to code hinting, php, spry which is just javascript. There are more but would take a lot to list them all. If you are going out and spending the money for Dream Weaver you will be getting CS6 from the Adobe site.


You do not need Dream Weave although. Some free code editors are notepad++, Komodo edit, AptanaStudo3. Notepadd++ is for windows, but the other two have mac versions. There are more out there but these are my three favorites.


If you go and get Dream Weaver remember that in the Design view your site will more then likely not look like it will on line. So remember to look at it in a browser.


Dream Weaver will generate a lot of code for you. Remember to look at the code as you go to help you learn it. I would suggest split screen view. Also DW does not have anywhere near all the CSS that is out there to build a site. I always suggest to learn code then use something like DW to speed you up. Even though DW writes code for you you still have to have a basic understanding of code to find and fix problems as they pop up, as they will a lot. There will be times when you will want a img inside of a p tag and some times out side. This is just a couple of times when you can not relay on DW for coding.


Hope this helps and not made is worse. :)

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