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Page not showing up in print preview or printing

Guest Cashster09

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Guest Cashster09

Im not sure why? Sorry if i am a pain in the arse...but i am ready to show to client and it shows up on screen perfectly but nothing prints






I have followed all your instructions and still nothing


Also, by adding the display: block;

it has moved my credit card info image all the way to the left. I even have in my css that that be all centered! (FF 2.0)

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There are 2 empty

tags under that image. Could it be that they are extending the page height so the second page is being printed? They appear to have margins and padding, so it might be them that are borking the print job.




Indeed, using the Firebug extension, removing the empty

tags, and adding margin-top to the #cc div displays the site the same way as your code, but the print review is only one page long.



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Guest Cashster09

ok i will try and take them out and see....


What about the page not even showing up at all in the print preview in IE 7.0 or printing in IE 7?


I took out the

's and it is working in IE6, but not in FF 2...not sure about IE 7 or FF 3.0. I dont have either of those at home


Added margin-top: auto; to #cc and in FF still 2pages with the second one being blank


I got it to print in IE7 on one page, but in FF 2 it still prints two pages with the second one being blank...I added my class="print" to the div (SignUp) outside my table for the voucher image and it prints now in IE 7...

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