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Shopping cart access to protected directory of files

Guest DFJ

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I'm a new guy here, and this seemed like a good place to submit this question.


Here's the layout:

I'm trying to create a web site that sells various programs. I've looked around at a lot shopping cart scripts you can download and install in your site, but I'm rather picky and I don't think they will do what I want (which is only allowing access to the program download after they've paid). I've had several ideas and can't seem to get one to work. I'm pretty sure I could write my own shopping cart script from php, I just need some direction on how (I know it involves sessions). My main concern in the security of the programs. I also found out that php can access protected folders through the url, but that seems to give access to everything in that folder and I would end up having a different pass for every program's folder (if necessary, then fine). I have plenty of time to do whatever is needed and I know several languages used in web design (HTML, PHP, CSS, JS, XML, AS3, and I'm planning on learning to use MySQL which I think is also necessary, particularly if I only allow current members access to paying downloads).


Any help at all is appreciated! :D



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