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Navbar with next and previous buttons


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I have a navbar which is a bit like the one found here ( http://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/ ), however with mine I would like to have left and right (previous and next) arrows which will display less/more of the item in my html unordered list. Does anyone know if this is possible and how I would go about doing it?


I'm thinking that it might be a case of using javascript to move things around in the unordered list which I styled into a navbar. The only problem is that sometimes the text might be too long to fit and so might disappear off the right-hand side of the page - so it would need to be able to somehow detect this.


The other way would be to do it in the same way that images carousel (such as those found on the iplayer website), however then you'd have to make all of the list items equal width, and this might not be the best solution as I probably won't be able to fit much on the navbar. - You should know that this part of the navbar is displaying a long list of genres all the way across.


Any thoughts on this?




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