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DWCS4 - Rollover Image

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I want to use DWCS4 to use Rollover Image effect. I got that to work, but I want to the rolled over image to stay when click.


Here is my website I am working on for myself. It is not that great :( it is still in WIP.


My buttons are outlined in red when not clicked/hovered. But when hovered it turns red, and I want it to stay red after you click it so the viewer knows what tab they are under.


Is this possible to do in DWCS4?


Thank you for your help in advance,



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It sounds like you are a novice at web design and expect Dreamweaver to write all the code for you. While it is a handy tool, Dreamweaver is just that, a tool, and to be able to use it properly you will need to learn HTML and CSS.


I suggest you take some of the tutorials available on this site



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