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  1. Actually I like the link I have clicked to open in a new tab, not in the same tab, especially when I’m not sure where I want to go in face of lots of results on SERP. But Google and Bing open links in new tabs by default. Do most people behave unlike me ? Or they are used to Ctrl-Clicking and Right-Clicking ? Which one do you prefer ? Any thoughts please. I think this would be useful for us.
  2. Hi guys: Thanks for your reviews and time on this site. According to your suggestion, I’v made some improvement including: * Added results from Duckduckgo. Now 4 engines included: Google, Bing, Yahoo and Duckduckgo; * Turning pages of results; * Shortcuts of Scrolling to Top and Scrolling to Next Page; * Search box fixed when scrolling. * Only two biggest engines displayed when visited for the first time.(So horizontal scrolling disappears.) Sincerely welcome your dropping in and your comments no matter good or bad.
  3. Hi guys: This site ( Googlebye.com ) is mainly a Search Engine with results coming from Google, Bing and Yahoo. It can also be used as a SEO ranking checking tool. The idea behind this site comes from that I don’t like searching many times on different search engines. After much hard promotion, I got some traffic to this site. However the returning visits rates keeps a low level of 20%. That means most visitors won’t come back. I’m quite confused about it so I get to here for your valuable comments like: Where should I improve for this site ? Do you feel any obstacles when using it ? Do you think this type of sites could be a alternate when searching ? ...... Of course welcome comments not limited to above. Site: Goog lebye.com [remove space] Sincerely. Thanks in advance.
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