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  1. I have an online thrift store and am in the process of redesigning (using a template) because my ranking fell from Number one on page 1, to page 4 and now I'm back up to page 2. According to Google my site is dated and especially with the new algorithm. It is dated, but my customer's still like it!! Whatever. gone-tomorrow . com Problem: In the Google forum yesterday, I was told that my current design is hurting my ranking because I have saturated my pages with product (items) instead of having a Quick View or product view page for each item with all the info for the product and the shopping cart button. Explanation: In the new design each item includes a lightbox meant to show an enlarged photo of the item. I can also include the description of the item, which probably should be just a one liner. However, after learning about the quick view page theory, I used a short description on the front page and then placed the entire description of the item including the price in the title= area. (see typical description below) Now when you hover over the photo you can see the full description and of course when you click on the photo a screen pops up with the photo and description. Question: So in your opinion(s); is it really necessary to have the product view page or would my idea work for Google to be able to 'read' my site and therefore return the appropriate results for a Vintage Purple cut class bud vase? (Vintage Purple cut glass bud vase, purple has been around in regal form for centuries, now it's back in our homes in a big way, this lovely vase is perfect for adding that splash of color to say a vignette or even in your bathroom, someplace where it be notice for its beauty-$9.00) Thank you!!! :rolleyes: [Edited: Due to the usual spam trying to slip addresses in, I have slightly modified the URL to be clear but remove any doubt about spam as I think it is a justified question. But we always have to be spam vigilant... unfortunately - LSW]
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