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  1. Hello all members, I would like to download the exact theme which currently atlantic.net is using into my localhost (PC) and want to customize it like my way. I really like that joomla template, but I don't have much money to buy any premium template at this stage. Moreover, I am still a learner. So, is it possible to download whole theme/site of Atlantic.net? I have heard that, there are some sites from where I can download any websites template/Full website(s), is it true?
  2. Hi, I am very new in web designing. I have some pet related blogs in blogspot and wordpress (free). I am planning to buy a domain and hosting for one of my pet blog. As I don't know programming that much, so I regularly visit some forums or blogs to check the skin, design, layout, etc. I am very pleased to find out my hosting provider which is atlantic.net, and I would like to use their skin for my pet blog. Their template seems very functional and pretty. Can anyone suggest me from where I can get that template for free or for some little amount of money? I can't ask their staff because I know it is confidential for them. So, I am here.
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