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  1. Hi, It's my first post here. I consider myself pretty IT savvy, having studied various technologies such as advanced MS Office/VBA, PHP/SQL, JS/jQuery, (X)HTML/CSS etc. I have developed websites before but I am currently in the process of learning ZEND as I am trying to build 2 small scale commercial websites and also an enterprise level website for a company I am starting. ZEND is coming to be slowly but surely, but I am also at times finding it hard to get answers to certain questions. Before I start asking questions, I should state I am working with ZEND V1.12 and using NetBeans as the IDE. So, here goes the first of that is sure to be many questions... I am using a jQuery slider on the index page on one of the new sites I am building. The slider works by hard coding the done with the slider image URLs inside a container div. I have built a custom function that takes 2 parameters - a path to the folder containing the images, and the required file extension. As an example: - <?php function galGetTopPhotos($path, $ext) { //Get array of files $images = glob($path . "*.$ext"); sort($images); //Create HTML marked array of images $html_string = ""; foreach($images as $image) { $html_string .= '<img src="'.$image.'" />'; } return $html_string; } $img_html = galGetTopPhotos('slider/images/', 'jpg'); ?> Edit: I accidently posted the original thread at this point without completing it. So I will complete it below... Before I begin to talk about how to include a function like this in the controller, can I ask the best practice for including the custom function script itself within a ZEND application? I would assume it would reside in library/functions. Aside from that, how should it be included? In application.ini? Many thanks! Edit: Should this be a helper class?
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