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  1. I'm venturing into building a website for a clan I am looking to kick off the ground around the time of Call of Duty Black Ops II and even possibly Halo 4. Not sure about the later just yet, but definately know I will be looking at it for the CoD: Black Ops II game. I have experience in graphic design and have some html experience, but as I'm wanting to do this in CSS and PHP, I'm wanting to get some advice on what I need to do to optimize the design for both languages and the things I need to keep in mind. What I'm Looking to Venture into - Member Login/Profile (mainly for quick login access to the community/forums) Easy Navigation changing Easy addition of drop downs on mouse over(if that is recommended.) Modern look News/Updates/interview template structure that would not require copy and pasting into code, but rather similar to a wordpress system. Photo Gallery. Game Plan Section(maps from BOII with strategies mapped out and such.) The above are things I'm wanting to try to keep in mind when I am designing the full website. They might not all be included in the launch, but hopefully will be coming around in the months after launch. I want to design a clean simple looking layout. I don't care how many hours or attempts I spend doing so. Which is why I am reaching out to you all at this time to help me keep myself on the right track with what I am wanting to do, and not go over board with it. All advice is welcome, so please throw it at me and don't be gentle. If you guys feel you can point me in the direction of something that will help, please, by all means do so.
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