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  1. Proxy servers sites are useful to browse your favorite sites that others find necessary the block. This are used in the world for industries, businesses, schools and so on. It's use to you can view Facebook, myspace, Youtube. com, Tweets etc. If you want a particular type of proxy or application just select proxy software. If Its a bad that so many organizations have gone down the preventing and censoring path. Absolutely from all the globe encounters they should know, it doesn't perform. It might perform temporary but then people get more innovative and discover ways to unblock sites and stay unknown.
  2. Here are different Best and Most Effective Ways to Promote your website included Article Directories Business Directories Forums Posting Social Networking Sites Social Bookmarking Sites Search Engines Pay per Click Advertising (PPC) Banner Advertising Text Link Advertising Networking Press Releases E-Books Blogs Posting Pod-casting Videos Contests Portfolio Sites.
  3. Use your web design program to upload or publish your web pages if it has an upload or publish function. If you use FTP software you will have to select the web files to be uploaded and initiate the upload. Remember that your home page should have "index.html" or "index.htm" as the file name. You can use there any program for publishing your website like FTP,Notepad for saving in MS Word. There is no any rule for which program using to publishing a website.
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    The heading tags in HTML are <h1>, <h2>, <h3>, <h4>, <h5>, <h6>, <h7>. The first one <h1> is the large font tag in the HTML and the last one <h7> is the smallest font tag in HTML.
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