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  1. Yeeeiii!!! I built my 1st web page from the Web Design 1 tutorial!!! Thanks for the help in the forum regarding the links :)

  2. Yeeeiii!!! I built my 1st web page from the Web Design 1 tutorial!!! Thanks for the help in the forum regarding the links :)

  3. Thanks Benjamin. I used Notepad but I think I copied some of the code from a word document that I put together during studying some of the HTML basics. Will a Word Document be what you mean by "rich text format"?
  4. Aaaaaah I'm totally freaking out!!! That is so awesome. This is my 1st "Web Site" with links that I built. EVER!!!! It's working!! And what is so great is I actually noticed that but wasn't sure if it was a problem or not with the " " thing!!! Thanks
  5. When I click "diagnose problem" It says: windows can't find "file///C:users/carla/Desktop/"productList.html%22" Don't know what the %22 means?
  6. They are all saved as Desktop files but I also moved them to a new folder to see if it will work. The links still do not open.The message from Internet Explorer is that I must make sure that the web address is spelled correctly.
  7. The links do not open when I click on them.
  8. Attached are the individual html files for the pages. Not sure if you will be able to open them? And this is the html code for the index.html file: <!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.01 Transitional//EN"> <html> <head> <title> Web design - tutorials</title> <meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=iso-8859-1"> <link href="ROOT.css" rel="stylesheet"type="text/css"> </head> <body> LOGO GOES HERE <div id="navigation"> <ul> <li><a href=”productList.html">Products</a></li> <li><a href=”CSS.html">CSS</a></li> <li><a href="tables_tutorial.html">Tables Tutorial</a></li> </ul> </div> <!--MAIN DOC STARTS HERE--> <!--MAIN DOC STARTS HERE--> <div id="centerDoc"> <h3> THE PLACE TO LEARN WEB DESIGN!</h3> <p> If you want to learn web design, <span class ="makeBold">you've come to the right place!</span> The following is a list of some of the key areas of this website that will get you on your way designing web pages in no time: </p> <h3>WEB DESIGN ARTICLES FOR BEGINNERS AND EXPERTS</h3> <p> The articles section of killersites.com contains a grab bag of information related to web design ... anything from Flash to XML. It is best to just snoop around and you will probably find something you're interested in. </p> <h3>FOR TOTAL BEGINNERS</h3> <p> If you are totally new to web design, your first stop to learning web design should be www.how-to-build-websites.com. When you're done there, come back to killersites.com for more. </p> <h3>DO YOU HAVE QUESTIONS?</h3> <p> The killersites.com message/bulletin board has plenty of helpful people - don't be shy to join in on the conversation! BTW, the message board is also a little treasure chest of information that you can search with the boards' search tool. </p> <h3>WHAT ELSE IS THERE?</h3> <p> Killersites.com has a few other 'goody' sections that you might want to explore: the free stock photography and the Web Designers Handbook come to mind. </p> Thanks for stopping by. Stefan Mischook © 2004 killersites.com – all rights reserved articles </body> </html> (ps: thx for the help index.html tables_tutorial.html productList.html CSS.html
  9. I've been able to create all the individual pages as instructed by the video in Web design 1, part3, 2nd video: the index, tables_tutorial, CSS and productList pages. As an individual page it shows that the links to the Tables_tutorial, CSS and productList page seem to be active but I can not get them to connect. I've tried lots of different things but still can not get it to work. Please help!!!
  10. So I'm a newbie. Just started with Web Design 1. Really enjoying it. I already purchased and downloaded the tutorials but saw that you can do it through Killer Site University. How will I be able to get it onto a profile there so that I can also mhave the answers and questions option as well as the Badges option.

    1. falkencreative


      The downloadable videos and the online KS University are separate products, and as far as I understand, you can't transfer one to another. If you have more questions or want support, see http://www.killersitesuniversity.com/support

    2. CarlaHouze


      Thanks a lot! I will check it out!


    3. CarlaHouze


      Thanks a lot! I will check it out!


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