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  1. hi guys i have some problem with css load in zend framework.. i just copy the same video tutorial from killersites to work with mysql records... when i add or remove mysql records then css loads perfectly as i give it the path <link rel="stylesheet" href="../html/public/css/main.css" type="text/css" /> but the problem occurs when i do update records then css not load and i have to change the path href="../../../html/public/css/main.css" manually.. Insert Mysql Records URL :http://localhost/zend_new/article/insert (works fine for me) Remove Mysql Records URL :http://localhost/zend_new/article/show (works fine for me) Problem : Update Mysql Records URL :http://localhost/zend_new/article/edit/id/1 (not load css). what i have to do. any help would be appricited.
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