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  1. figured out my problem, but unsure how to fix it. lies within this code. login_rs is getting set properly, but the query from login_query is not outputting anything. function login($post_user, $post_pass) { if (isset($_POST['uname'])) { $this->login_user = $post_user; $this->login_pass = $post_pass; $this->userAuthorization = ""; $this->direct_success = "index.php"; $this->direct_fail = ""; $this->direct_refer = false; $this->login_rs = "SELECT username, password
  2. My Issue: My form will not submit. It will just refresh login.php, whereas it should be posting to login_sub.php was handling all the login with login.php, but decided to add that to a different page to further diagnose the problem. I really dont understand why it wouldnt submit. Im running these and some other functions on a few other pages right now, like inserting into mysql, and those work perfectly fine. The code: Includes on login.php <?php include('lib/class_lib.php'); ?> <?php $session = new funcs(); $session->session(); $user_login = new funcs(); $u
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