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  1. Hi ! so ive built my website, and now how do i go about getting it a domain name and getting it hosted? also what sort of prices am i looking for? is only small simple web site ! thanks in advance
  2. Ok brilliant gona have a look, and buy them vids i guess
  3. Also should i be using any templates? or do i just make my own from scratch? i mean is using a template a bad idea? thanks
  4. Hey guys, im just starting out and have purchased dreamweaver cs5 and photoshop, i want to create really good websites but im not sure what path to take.. and what programs to use.. Some one told me to start off doing websites in notepad and stay away from dreamweaver,(true?) also what steps should i take now? read some books on html? basically i want to know how did you guys start off? im only young and im choosing webdesign as a career path. Any help/advise would be fantastic Jordan
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