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  1. Well actually I was. I basically wanted to know why the website i built and uploaded looked symmetrical online as i built it but looked off center when I came to print the home page. In terms of design and code writing I know it is nothing compared to what you professional guys can do but I wasn't expecting the answer Andrea posted because she had been extremely helpful up to that point but this time her answer somehow had nothing to do with the question which was and still is a technical one and a simple one of that too for you guys; her answer sounded kinda of a put-down or a coded 'get lost' or something.... Why? I have no idea. Anyway having said all that I'm grateful for her and everybody else's help so far for giving me a helping hand. Many thanks and god bless.
  2. Well, what did you expect from a beginner??!! Thanks for the advice.
  3. ok my site address is: www.studentaccommodationinbrighton.com
  4. Finally, I have built a site and uploaded it online. I constructed the home page so everything was central to the page but to my surprise when I printed the page except the title of the page everything else was off center on the print preview and hard copy but when I look at the page online on my laptop everything is totally central as i constructed it. Any clues why this is?
  5. Oh ok. But I saw the following code on a site which I tried. It does give the result but I don't know how to modify the drop down code so after the list drops i can go to the site related to the one i choose. (like a link code). So there must be more to the code to complete it. Here is the code i found: <select> <option value ="sydney">Sydney</option> <option value ="melbourne">Melbourne</option> <option value ="cromwell">Cromwell</option> <option value ="queenstown">Queenstown</option> </select> which gives the drop down result. but how do i go to sydney or melbourne or ceomwell or queenstown sites. There must be more to the above code to send the user to any one of those sites depending on the option chosen by the user.
  6. Anybody knows what the code that gives you a drop down list to choose from and go to the chosen one is?
  7. Oh great. I tried a few others too like u did. But your link has a better results. Thanks.
  8. Great thanks. I tried it. It's good. U can edit the text like a word document, not only that but it corrects your text too if you misplace a / or whatever. Thanks.
  9. Thanks again for your guidance. The other thing that I still haven't found is the html or css code for a pdf file. From what i have seen on internet tutorials there isn't such a code and pdf file needs to be converted by specialist software to jpg file and then be incorporated in the web page as a jpg file. Is that right?
  10. My pictures ARE on my laptop. I just wanted to see if I upload these pics (or any of my files) somewhere online and have them as the source rather than my laptop will my webpages still work or not. I actually re-sized the picture to 90 by 120 like you said and there it was. No cloudiness but a much smaller size picture. I can see what's happening now. Where in my code did you find the actual size of the pic to be 90 by 120? I had it much larger as it says in my laptop file icon which is why the pictures where showing cloudy online because i was stretching them as your analogy explained it well. And i downloaded the notepad++ which does give colored text but colors are not editable are they?
  11. Yes both my html files and pictures are on my laptop. There is no problem there and there is no issue of cloudy pictures when i use my laptop as my pictures source on my webpage. It's only when I upload the pictures onto photobox (online storage site)and use that as source in my coding that pictures show cloudy when viewing them on my webpage. Yes I see what you mean by the code in template 1 being in the wrong place. Well spotted. I corrected it and placed it between <body> and </body>. But that dosen't seem to have made any difference one way or the other. And resizing the pics doesn't seem to have had any effect whatsoever on the quality of the pics on iota when using my laptop as the source of the pics. It's only when I use the online storage that pics go very very cloudy. The reason I resized the pics was to fit them all on a viewing page (100%)so the viewer dosen't have to scoll the page up and down. So the mystery of the cloudy pics goes on!! By the way how do you use colour in writing different parts of the code in notpad? The notepad page dosen't have colour coding facility like the text writer or what am i missing?
  12. I'm not using any hosting account. It's just me and my laptop experimenting and trying out different tags to see how they work. I'm attaching the two web pages i've i'm talking about to let you see what i mean. i'm not sure if you will see what i see at my end but by cloudy i mean frosty like holding a sharp clear pic behind a frosty piece of glass and looking at it. Template 1.html Template 2.html
  13. The original page is basically made up of 2 rows of 4 pics which fill the webpage so when you open it you can see all 8 pics. This page is the second page to which i have a link in the master page. First i tried the link with one pic in the second web page just to see if and how it works, after which i added another 7 pics to fill the second page. Then by clicking the link i would go to the page with 8 pics and when it worked i thought to myself 'wow i'm invincible!!' like that guy in the Tom Cruz's mission impossible! Then i thought what if i'm out there at work or wherever and my laptop is off and at home. My website wouldn't show anything that's in my laptop files like these pics.. Then i thought aha! If my pics (or all of my source material)are stored online then it dosen't matter where i am. I can always access my website whenever and wherever. So i uploaded the same 8 pics as in my files to these storage sites. Now when i went to my website all 8 pics did show with the exception of only the first 3 pics on the left hand side in the top row were showing as sharp and clear as the original source pics in my laptop files and the rest of the pics were very cloudy. I changed the storage sites hence the source. It was the same. Then I tried each pic on its own. The same pics which were sharp showed sharp and the same pics which showed cloudy showed cloudy suggesting that maybe there is something wrong with those 5 pics. But cloudiness problem happens only when the source is internet and not files in my laptop. So I'm puzzled!
  14. I uploaded a few jpg pics from my laptop files onto my website trying them out which worked ok. Then I uploaded the same pics onto a few of these online storage sites like kodak and flikr and photobox so when my laptop is shut down i can still look at these pics online via my website. But after the third pic they all show very blurd irrespective of which online storage site i use. Anybody has a guess why?
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