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  1. Thanks! That is some great information, one more question that came to mind though, is it safe to use special fonts, I came across a site that provides external stylesheet links to custom fonts, are these safe to use on a web page in a sense that older browsers may not support them?
  2. Hey guys, I was wondering if someone could explain the benefits of using px vs em? I don't quite understand how em works but I've been told that em has more benefits than px or pt when it comes to fonts and padding. What is the best way to determine which one should be used for what?
  3. Hey Everyone, I was hoping someone could explain to me a few different ways to build a real time chat on a website, I've been. googling it but can't seem to find anything solid.
  4. Thanks for that info! I got my site up and running but it seems like hosting a site can be just as challenging as making it. I have 1 html document uploaded and 1 css document uploaded and they are displaying when i go to my site but the issue im having is my background doesnt seem to display through my external css sheet. i successful have the css sheet linked cuz it is picking up properties for my div containers. the code im usin is css is body{background-image:url("www.domain.com/picture. jpg") ;} for some reason if i use that or even background-color it wont display on my html page... the url that i use is a link to the image... any ideas?
  5. Hey Guys, I was just messing around tonight and bought some web space on hostgator.com. I was able to upload my .html and .css files through the online file manager that they provide, but my issue is that I can't seem to find a way to link them to my domain name I bought. Anyone here use hostgator and any ideas? Thanks
  6. Haha I've been spending a lot of time on w3schools, plus I'm taking a college web design course, the course offers like html css flash photoshop other adobe programs but I dont think it gets deep into javascript and php which I would like to learn... I watched the video for the php includes that andrea posted but I am having trouble making it work. I think I am trying to use it wrong. I currently have 1 page that i included all of the html and css which contain the layout of my site, and is currently a. html file, i created a php file with only text in it and then i try to link it to my html file inside a div container so that when I click a link it will open only the text inside that div container but it currently opens up the php file in a whole new window... am I doing it backward? should i turn the html file to a php file and us the <? php @include(file. php) "? > in the body of a html doc that contains the just text?
  7. This is great info guys! This week I am going to buy some web space to show what you guys have taught me. I am on a roll now that I am understanding div tags, lets say I have a container that is 980px wide and 100px high, how can I center my links 50% of the height? /---CSS---/ #container { Width:980px; Height:100; } /---HTML---/ <div id="container"> <a href="link.html">Link</a> (this is always displayed in the top left, I would like it to display middle left) </div> Thanks for all the help!
  8. Perfect! can you have one div wrapper inside another wrapper?
  9. Wow Thanks! Div tags are the greatest thing since sliced bread! I am doing things I've never been able to do before. Is there a way to lock a div tag inside another div tag?(if that makes any sense), for example lets say I want to move around a div container that is inside another div container using absolute positioning, when I move the inner div container, it uses the entire web pages pixel positioning inside of just the outer div container. This is what I would like to be able to do #innercontainer { position:absolute; Left:80%;(I normally use pixels just easier for me to explain) } <div id="outercontainer"> <div id="innercontainer"> </div> </div> I would like the 80% to just reflect 80% of the outer container but it is currently using 80% of the entire page=\ Any ideas?
  10. That is exactly what I was looking for thank you! It does leave me with a few other questions though, I am having trouble figuring out how to properly create a layout and have control over how to position everything, what it the best way to go about this?
  11. Hey All! I am very new to web design and I love Killersites, helps me understand a lot. I am still learning HTML and CSS basics, I was just wondering if someone could explain how I can create links on my website that change information in a table without creating an entirely new .html doc? for example: I have been messing around using tables, so if I create links in one table and want them to change the information in another table I am currently using the following <a href="filepath/link1.html">link1</a> but I have an entire new html document created for link1.html with the entire code of the website on it. any ideas?
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