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  1. Hey Guys, I am an experience html/css designer with a bit of knowledge and experience in PHP, the last year I have been big into Wordpress. I am starting to develope sites for clients using wordpress themes and templates and building off that so I can get projects done faster and more efficient. The trouble I am running into is pricing, I am not sure what I should/could be charging people for this service. I currently help them find a theme and design that suits their needs, I set up their web hosting packages, custom domain emails, and give them a guide on how to operate their site and change their content. I am freelancer and have a few years of experience. Any thoughts on references to pricing would be a huge help!
  2. That worked great! Thanks for the info.
  3. Hey Guys, Does anyone know of any websites similiar to www.google.com/fonts where I can just link a style sheet and start using new fonts? Or does anyone know how I can import photoshop fonts to css? I am kust trying to find nicer readable fonts for my sites other than Arial and the basics and trying to find unique fonts for headers. Any font information and knowledge would be much appreciated!
  4. Hey guys, So I am about to start marking up a website but I am trying to do a bit if planning before I start. I want the site to be flexible and mobile friendly. I am trying to do two things. 1. When in a full size browser, I want to have 3 divs equally portioned with a width of 33% however, when the browser window has a width of 768px or less I want the divs to change to a width of 50%. Is this possible to do with CSS or jQuery? Which would be better and why? 2. I would like to write a conditional statement that says when the browser window is less than 768px use a 2nd navigation(mobile navigation) instead of the regular one. Can this be done with jQuery and what statement would I write to get the width of the browser window?
  5. Hey Guys, So I am trying to learn how to design themes for Wordpress, I know CSS very well and have some background with Wordpress. I am working on developing my first basic theme with just 2 files to start, index.php and style.css. The trouble I am having is I can't seem to figure out how to target my CSS to the dynamic content of the page. I can fully design the site so it appears great in Wordpress but let's say if I want to give a style to post or comments where I am not hand coding that with HTML, I can't seem to find the CSS selectors. Does anyone know how a site that will give me all of the Wordpress CSS selectors? Thanks!
  6. Thanks for the reply Andrea and Eddie. I can make extremely creative websites with css/html but If I make them for individual clients, they have no way to change content on their site unless they also know html. I just want to make individual sections of a site that I build from scratch to be editable for the client. Anyone know of any tools I can use to achieve this?
  7. Hey guys, So I have a lot of knowledge with web design, photoshop, html, css etc. The problem I am facing is that I am having trouble making websites that can be easily edited by clients. I know how to use wordpress, install themes and such, but I am trying to find a simple way to make one or two sections of the site editable, like the news for example. I am not very good with javascript and PHP, is there an easy way for me to upload an entire site to wordpress and make one section editable?
  8. I am a web designer by trade, looking for someone with PHP/Wordpress experience to partner up with. I am looking to start a small operation focused on creating unique/innovative websites and templates. The ideal partner would be someone with experience in PHP and Wordpress or any other CMS, but lacks the skills of creative design, Photoshop, CSS and HTML. If you would be interested in further discussing this, feel free to contact me at kervin.jason@gmail.com.
  9. If you are looking to create a background with multiple images check this link out. http://www.css3.info/preview/multiple-backgrounds/ Hope this helps!
  10. Stephenius, I wouldn't think there would be any SEO consequences since to my understanding SEO is based on the markup, I could be wrong though. Grabenair, I have thought about the problem of javascript being disabled, once I have finished this prototype I may try to create a work around to fix that, is there a method to use an alternate stylesheet if the client has javascript disabled? Ben, I have not tried the css3 media query method yet, I believe this would work pefect for the initial loading of the page, but if you minimize the browser window will it activate the alternate code? or will this only happen when the pages loads. Thanks everyone for the ideas and support, such a great online community!
  11. I have 4 <section> elements, they are stacked on top of each other, when you click one of the nav links, that section will fade in with jquery and the 3 other sections will fade out. I can't seem to stack the <section> elements without making them absolute.
  12. So instead of making a mobile design, I am trying to make a flexible layout, but I am running into some problems. If you look at http://www.jasonkervin.com/projects/duncanrobotics/index.html you can see my source code. (don't mind the content, I am still just working on the layout.) The site has 3 areas, with a <section> for each nav link. <header> </header> <div id="content"> <section id="home"> </section> </div> <footer> </footer> The problem is I have the <section id="home"> set with position: absolute; and when you minimize the width of browser, the height of <section> expands but the height of content does not so it ends up overlapping over the footer. Any ideas on how I can fix that, maybe with js?
  13. Yeah I have taken courses on usability, so giving the option of both is a must. The reason I am looking for a mobile version it because I am looking to get a little more creative with the design. I am working on an elastic design, not sure if it will work yet or not. What I am trying to do is have a fixed header and footer with width: 80%; height: 20%;, the content area would also be width: 80%; and height: 60%; but since the site is farely basic, instead of having a new .html page for each nav item there will be 4 divs for the content area that will slide from left to right using jquery. I haven't started testing this theory yet, but my concerns are: 1. On a mobile devices where they are normally longer and narrower the layout will look wrong. 2. I am using farely large font-size as if it were the design of a billboard, so as the layout is expanded on a bigger moniter, I would like the font-size to increase at the same rate. Any ideas on how I can overcome these 2 issues?
  14. Hey Guys, So I am a web designer with basic programming knowledge. I am wondering what the easiest way for me to have one of my sites redirected to a mobile version would be? Also, lets say I own www.mysite.com would I need to register a new domain as mobile.mysite.com? or does ownership of mysite.com give me access to www. and mobile.? Thanks
  15. Well when I view it on my phone is displays "we are always glad to hear from you" larger than the first paragraph, but they both have the same font-size: 11pt; what is the preference of measurement for using font size, px pt or em?
  16. Hey Guys, I always seem to run into a problem when styling text where everything is fine in a regular browser but in a mobile browser certain text are displayed at random sizes. http://www.jasonkervin.com/projects/groundfx/abe2013/pages/contact.html This is one of the examples I am talking about, I use Google Chrome on both my PC and Android phone, but on the android phone the text sizes are all out of whack even though they are using the same style. Any ideas?
  17. Hey guys, Anyone have links to a good resource for information of accepting paypal and credit card payments on my website?
  18. I wrote that code originally but it doesn't work the way I want it to. I'm trying to replicate the effect of http://www.planetside2.com/ when you scroll, the properties change. Is there something I can add to this code so as soon as you scroll x amount of pixels the #branding and #nav_main divs can have their top property changed?
  19. Hey Guys, So I am working on my portfolio, trying to use jquery to give my page a nice sliding effect but I am running into a few problems. If you look at the source code of my page http://www.jasonkervin.com, you'll see that when you click on about, projects or contact nav links it slides to that area of the page and the entire header + nav move up and stay fixed even if you continue to scroll(which is what I want). The problem is that if you just scroll the page without using the nav, the header and nav stay in their position and take up a good chunck of the page.(not what I want) my jquery code on that page is pageslider.js and pretty basic, is there a way I can have the header and nav's position not be fixed until it the page is scrolled just a bit? any ideas would be GREATLY appreciated:]
  20. So I have managed to fix this problem using $('html, body').animate( { scrollTop: 0 }, 'slow' ); I have one last issue and if I can figure this out then I will have done everything I needed to do in my first jQuery script. If you look at My link and click the links, the page now slides accordingly, the last problem I am facing is when you click the links about, projects or contact and scroll manually to the top of the page the header remains hidden. Is it possible to use scrollTop in a conditional statement so that when scrollTop = 0 it will have the same effect as clicking the home button? Thanks for the help everyone!
  21. Thanks, that did point me in the right direction. Another problem I am having though, if you look at the site, when you click on the about, projects or contact links it flows smoothly, but when you click on the home link, it moves the site the site back to the top but it moves it underneath the fixed header and nav instead of where it starts when the site first loads, any ideas how I can fix this? Here is the script I am working with. $(document).ready(function(){ $(".nav_home").click(function(){ $("#branding").animate({ top:'0px', }); $("#nav_main").animate({ top:'175px', }); }); $(".nav_contact, .nav_projects, .nav_about").click(function(){ $("#branding").animate({ top:'-170px', }); $("#nav_main").animate({ top:'5px', }); }); $(".scroll").click(function(event){ event.preventDefault(); $('html,body').animate({scrollTop:$(this.hash).offset().top}, 500); }); });
  22. Hey Guys, Looking for a little help on how I can change an elements properties from scrolling a page using jQuery. I have a site with a fixed header + navigation, I made a script so when I click a link in the nav, it smoothly scrolls the page to the anchor and it moves the fixed header and navigation up so only the navigation stays fixed at the top of the page for easy access. The problem is if you don't use the navigation and just scroll the page right away the header stays there and takes up a fair portion of the screen. If you would like to see what I am work with for a better idea, here is the link my site What I am trying to do is, have the header and nav position: relative; and once you scroll down just a bit passed the header, have the position change to fixed. I am stuck:\ Any ideas?
  23. Hey Guys, I am looking for a little help on writing one of my first scripts. I currently have <script> $(document).ready(function(){ $("#nav_home").click(function(){ $("#content, #site_info").animate({ top:'0px', }); }); $("#nav_about").click(function(){ $("#content, #site_info").animate({ top:'-1070px', }); }); $("#nav_projects").click(function(){ $("#content, #site_info").animate({ top:'-1590px', }); }); $("#nav_contact").click(function(){ $("#content, #site_info").animate({ top:'-2650px', }); }); }); </script> I want add to the script a conditional statement that says if (#content left property = -1070px){ $("#branding").animate({ top:'-100px', }); }); The problem is I don't know how to access the css property of the unique id... Any ideas?
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