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  1. I need to change the way shipping is calculated. Right now the shipping is charged per item as it goes in the cart. I need to make it be on the total dollar amount of items in the cart. For example if I have an item that is $6.00 and something that is $15 - I want to charge shipping on $21. How do i do that?
  2. What I ended up doing was adding another element to my xml <row>1</row> and adding a statement in my template.php like this if $product->row == 1 output1 .=" and concatinating the outputs like this return = output.output1
  3. Thanks for the reply. I am using the stock code. There isnt a set number of columns created - then a new row.. the table is created normally. I think it's missing some code that says when Product number is X create a new row.
  4. Hi. My cart is going to have about 20 products in it and instead of wrapping the table continues off to the right and out of view of the screen. Is there a way to recode the way the information is pulled to after X create a new row?
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