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  1. My friend I didnt decide to wait till the last moment... we got the project last wednesday and I have been looking all over the web in search of material to help me get a better understanding of this stuff...... I havent started it cause I dont know where to start from..... I even asked some of my class mates to help me but no- one wants to help an International student...... When I asked my teacher he said that I better get it done or he will fail me( I have 45% marks out of 60% with this project being worth 40%) and if I fail I have to pay 1500$ to retake just this one course... that's why I am looking for some online help.....
  2. All my classmates got it made from other sources... its due wednesday and the course material is not of much help and I really need help that's why I came to this site..... Please help... other wise i would flunk the course....
  3. Guys really need your help..... I have a project that needs to be done... its worth 40%of my final grade and I dont have any idea on how to do it..... could you please help me... It involves using every aspect of web designing like jquery,media query, javascript,html5,css, ajax,xml... Please help me
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