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  1. The issue is that I have a input type = file button. If the I want to add a record to the table with the path of the selected image, I have no problem. The problem is when I want to update that record. I see the image very well in the page when I search for that record. But when I press submit to update the record I have no data in the input type file, because I don't select any image. The image is already display in the page. In the input type file says "No file choosen". I pass the image selected in the input type file, to php to update. But in this cases the input type file i
  2. Hi, I need to clear the shopping cart, so when I return to the page from the paypal site, the cart is empty. I did the shopping cart turorial. How I can do that? Thanks,
  3. Ok Ben... I did and woks perfect. Thanks for that help... I have another issue. When I finish with the payment in PayPal, I need to clear the cart right? So the cart is empty when I go back to my site. How I can do that?
  4. Ok, this is the addtocart.php file. You mean redirect to the cart page from this page? <?php require_once '../functions/functions.php'; $shopping_cart = get_shopping_cart(); echo render_header(); $product_id = $_REQUEST['id']; echo $product_id; if (product_exists($product_id)) { #echo ' product exists!'; $shopping_cart->AddItem($product_id); } set_shopping_cart($shopping_cart); echo render_paypal_checkout($shopping_cart); echo render_footer(); ?>
  5. Ok. Thanks for your help... I'm beginner, so I don't know how exactly do that, but I will try. Someone has solved this problem in some other way? or have an example? Thanks...
  6. I finish the php shopping cart videos series. I have an issue when I click the PayNow button and immediately press the go back button on the browser. The problem is that when I go back to the shopping cart page, from the paypal page immediately , the quantity adds one automatically. How I can fix that? Thanks
  7. Hi, I'm doing the php shopping cart tutorial. I have a issue with the fom to send to paypal. In the video you have this: <form action='".PAYPAL_FORM_URL."' method='post'> <input type='hidden' name='business' values='".PAYPAL_BUSINESS_VALUE."' /> <input type='hidden' name='cmd' values='_cart' /> <input type='hidden' name='upload' values='1 /> <input type='hidden' name='currency_code' values='USD' /> <input type='hidden' name='lc' values='US' /> ".render_shopping_cart($shopping_cart)." <input type='image'src='http
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