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  1. Hello

    My name is miss( jena David) viewing and going through your profile address today has made me to became interested in you,i will also like to know you more,and i want you to send an email to my email address so that i can send you my picture, for you to know and see whom i am.

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  2. I'm trying to get wordpress integrated into a site I've already created. I've been partially successful... blog postings now display on my homepage. I've got three issues I need to get resolved: 1) The title of each post (amongst other things) is a link to the blog. I don't want users to see the blog directly, so how can I unlink that stuff? 2) Clicking on "reply" takes you to the blog, with the wordpress default themes and stuff. I'd like people to be able to leave comments without leaving my homepage. Is this possible? 3) I need the subscribe button to appear on y homepage. How can I do these three things? The wordpress php code is way, way over my head... i can barely handle straight html.
  3. This topic has veered pretty far from my original question, so I'm going to start a new one more directly relevant to what I now need to know.
  4. Okay, I got wordpess installed and managed to get as far as displaying either excerpts from blog posts or links to blog posts on my main page. What i want is for it to display posts in their entirety, along with the comments. (not to mention the "add a comment" stuff). Can anyone assist?
  5. I've switching my hosting to ipage and am now attempting to integrate a wordpress blog into my html. I'll post here if (when) I run into trouble.
  6. I'm going to go ahead and switch to ipage; a google search for "godaddy wordpress problems" convinced me. Once I've done that, can you suggest a tutorial or something for integrating wordpress into an existing layout that will make sense to a man who can barely spell php? Full disclosure of cluelessness: that simple homepage I linked above took me two full days to create.
  7. Update on this... I'm starting to think that integrating a wordpress blog into the thing will be the way to go, so I can have comments and stuff. But all of the tutorials I've looked at confirm my suspicion that it's beyond my skill. I'm gonna give it a shot anyway. If anyone is interested in helping me with this, here's the site. Hosting is godaddy.com.
  8. I'm designing a site that REALLY needs a "subscribe" button, but have no idea how to go about it. I've done some Google searching and have looked into various solutions, most of which involve integrating Wordpress blogs or something of that nature and assume the designer is very comfortable with php or whatever. PHP? I struggle enough with plain old HTML and CSS. Is there a simple way to set up an RSS feed?
  9. Okay, I got that fixed with the following: margin:0 auto; Troube is, it left the background image over to the elft-hand side of the screen! what can I do about that?
  10. Is there any way to centar a div horizontally on the screen using css?
  11. Well don't I feel like an ass... that did it. Thanks!
  12. I've created a background image for the header div in the site I'm creating. Here's the css for the image: .bgimage { background-attachment: fixed; background-image: url (images/marshallWall.png) ; background-repeat: no-repeat; visibility: visible; } And in the html: <div id="header" class="bgimage"> And yes, the image itself is in the proper directory. But the image stubbornly refuses to be visible on the page. What am I doing wrong?
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