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  1. Good day Stefan, I live in Namibia, I am a semi-self taught developer having previously learned the fundamentals of C and Java at a College in South Africa. I work for a hosting company here in Namibia, but the boss is a horrible control freak, I recently purchased the freelance training course, I have registered a domain for my website to build up my portfolio, I also purchased a few training materials on Udemy which include 10 working Apps in iOS/Swift as well as Android/Java and Flutter, my plan is basically to complete the Udemy courses and then to use these apps on my portfolio, to attract potential clients, I want to have the freedom to work on what I want rather than being forced to do Magento/WordPress stuff which is basically what my current day job includes, I am not that comfortable with WordPress and Magento yet but my boss pays external companies to develop modules for him then wants me to be able to customize these modules. My plan is basically to complete the Udemy courses and then use these apps on my portfolio to attract clients so as to break away from the current work environment, I follow you on youtube and find that the advice you have for developers really inspires as well as motivates me to get into freelancing as a means to get away from the 8 to 5 daily routine. I wanted to basically get your opinion on this strategy to use the udemy stuff as a portfolio ? Would I be able to attract potential clients from overseas so as to finance my dream of running my own app house here in Namibia using the Udemy apps on my portfolio ? Also I wanted to know your opinion on some of the current PHP frameworks out there, I quite enjoy Phalcon, Laravel and Symfony, and would like to do PWA's using these frameworks ? Thanking you for your wisdom Lorean (Same way you you say De-Lorean the car)
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