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  1. Is there any difference between a streaming server (for movies ) and a typical webserver, like the shared hosting, vps dedicated servers here? Thanks.
  2. Hello i have been using Notepad and Dreamweaver for writing my php codes for some while now and i wish to make use of an IDE i came across Aptana, Eclipse , PhpStorm and others but i don't know which one to choose . So can everyone advise on any php IDE to make coding Easy,fast and simple with nice features . Thanks.
  3. Hello Mike , Well i am not going to say much about the DVDs but i am pretty u sure if you buy the DVDs you are not wasting your money and you will not blame your self as well. what you are going to learn from the DVDs are complete skills you need to develop as a web developer and the teaching is just simple to understand and good examples you really need in real world development environment . the videos helped me to learn very fast and believe me i am doing really good in php . you are not wasting your money for any reason.
  4. Well i have make use of both ISO-8859-1 where i am having problem is the output of my Spanish characters and in my html file i make use of the same encoding for xml and html file example in my xml file i have words like missión with charaters like ó but my output in html is missyn problem like that.
  5. Both encoding are the same i don't know if that is the problem or somthing is missing i have google to hell and solution yet ! I have my html encoding like this <html xmlns="http://www.w3.org/1999/xhtml"> <head> <meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=utf-8" /> <title>Untitled Document</title> </head> and i have my XML encoding like this <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"standalone"YES"?> that is what i have so far for but html and xml encoding
  6. I have been fighting with XML Spanish Characters in XML i have try so many Encoding tag for it to work but its noting i have tried <?xml version="1.0" encoding="ISO-8859-1" ?> , also i tried <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?> too its still the same and not working for my Spanish characters such as é á . instead of showing it as output its showing another letter i don't know if the platform i am working on have any thing to do with the encoding because am currently working on the windows platform but am sure <?xml version="1.0" encoding="ISO-8859-1" ?>
  7. Will the Next Web Platform Please Hold Still? In an effort to not only accelerate the pace of Web development but also to add excitement to the idea that Web development is happening at all, Mozilla is launching development tracks for the next two editions of its Firefox Web browser — versions 5 and 6 — immediately, with hopes to push both into general release before the end of the year. This while Microsoft previews Internet Explorer 10 on the heels of its IE9 release, and Google projects Chrome 13 just one year after Chrome 7. Meanwhile, HTML5, the next version of the Web’s primary langu
  8. Thanks every one i just fix it and its working on I.e
  9. Hello can anyone help with Ajax code to load another page on a main page i have a main page called Member.php and i want to load other html pages. i have embedded video in the html pages .i tried it with ajax its working on other browsers but on I.E internet Explorer its not working i don't know why. do any one have a better ajax script or nice script to do that or any ideal All i want is to be able to load other page on my main page because i have few application ruining on the main page Thanks
  10. okay i need to know the following 1How would the Admin and the User system looks like 2.what are the form element to do this because the admin have to load the question how are u going to store and retrieve the different options for the answers to the questions. and how would i create the user system too and other tip for creating the system. thank you
  11. i am creating online exam management system and i have some problems in the dbase i have two tables one for questions the other one is for answer now the form that the admin would use in creating the questions first field question number 2nd field- question 3rd field- subject type 4th field suppose to carry the answers.. and the value of the answers.. questions which form element would be able to do all i want and what are the other things i need to know about the online exam system
  12. Hi Ben thanks for you help and step i have done the login part and the timer thank you so much .
  13. May be there would be a better way for me to get what i really want because its the same as before when i use 1200 the result is still thesame when i set the value less than 1200 it work and when i set the value of the expires_time to be 60sec or 10 its not working as i want may be i am the one missing something . thank you very much Ben you are the best. i hope i can still get my result, still looking at the code and i have been searching on Google as well but have not found the right thing
  14. Pls can Anyone help me with this code i am not getting it at all i have try but its not redirecting to header("Location: ". $MM_redirectLoginFailed ); when the user have 00:00:00 left in the database what can i do $expires = '00:00:00'; //compare the expiry time with the current time if ( $expires >= $LoginRS['expires_time'] ) { header("Location: ". $MM_redirectLoginFailed ); } else{ header("Location: " . $MM_redirectLoginSuccess ); }
  15. Hello Ben, i have been working on the step you listed above and i have been doing some few things but here i have some few problems. checking my users if they have time left . i have a login page with email as username and access code as password and i have a colum in the database where i store time called expires_time . when i run the the login page and enter a username in the data and a access code to that username which i set the expires_time to 20min . codes below: database table :subscription email: data type = %s access code : data type =%s expires_time data type = date
  16. Thank you Ben for your response . i understand the login timeout from the video and how to set a session to timeout as well using java script and php but i don't know how to store to time of which the user sign in the data base and logout time too. and that is the major problem i have. also to store the session in the database as well so that the database would know when the user is out and in. or is there another way i can make the above problem work??
  17. Please can anyone help me on this project i am new to php and i don't know how to go about this project i would really appreciate anyone that can help me on this thank you and God bless . I am creating a application using php and i want the application to do the following . > i have a Users pager and i want all user to have a access code which i have done my self > i want the access code to expires every 20min of which the user is login and the page should timeout in 20min >if user did not finish the 20min and want to logout the timer should stop and when ev
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