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  1. Problem solved, after looking at it over a dozen time the problem was a typo in the CSS.
  2. HELP!!! I'm working on my wife's website and I've made it to be responsive. It's working well except the FORM does not resize. (www.wolf359.biz) I've tried eveything I know to no avail. The text and images resize althought my NAV buttons don't seem to be resizing either but that is another problem. Any ideas guys? I could really use some help here. David
  3. Thanks so much for the reply and the HELP! I'll try this and see how it helps me after I get back from surgery next Tuesday though it may be weeks or even months.
  4. Hi, I hope someone out there can help me. I have a layout where I have an H5 + a P that looks fine. The problem start when I try to insert an image in the layout. I can insert an image Float it to the Left, set the margins and all and the H5 jumps to the top (right) like it should but the P text stays under the image and the only way I've found to make it work is change to a H5 and that does not produce acceptable results. Can anyone suggest a method to get the two items to work together? David image1.doc
  5. That's kind of what I thought I might hear. You're not the first person to tell to stay away from Layers but I had to try them for myself. I don't have a website yet, it's just being built on my laptop since last Friday. I'll not bother with the code right now as I going to find anther way to accomplish what I'm after. What I'm trying to accomplish is putting type "in" the Breaking News box which then will link to another page. Any ideas for me? I really don't know what my choices are or what is the best way to do it. My first thought was to put a table in the box that CSS could control and that wouldn't move. I'm disabled now (stroke) and just do this for friends and fun so I might have the oddest problems but at least I'm not under a time constraint any more.
  6. I design something in CS5 that looks just right until I preview it in a browser, it moves! I'm really new to layers and I thought I might have it but I WAS WRONG!!! I thought it was a problem in CSS with my choice of Positioning but I tried all 4 and nothing worked. I've attached what my browser shows in hopes it will let you see what I'm seeing.
  7. Same thing here - no effects at all. Using Windows 7 & Firefox 5.0
  8. I'm new to this forum but I wonder how many people have read the Two Dumbest Questions post. Will the addition of Flash elements supply the customer with what he really wants? Will the addition of it cause him any problems? After we answer these 2 questions then we can proceed. I agree that well designed and well worded sites have a distinct advantage MOST of the time but sometimes Flash elements do help but please not the Smiley Face with the tongue sticking out.
  9. Dreamweaver - Gotta Have It I did my first 2 sites in Dreamweaver without know any code and they turned out great. Now I'm learning HTML and they look better and are a lot easier to work on. If you go with Dreamweaver I highly recommend you learn CSS as well, you'll be very glad you did. I learned both by using Killersites DVD's, they were concise and clear.
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