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  1. Hello Ben and thank you very much for your attention and Response: Ben , I have been programmer since 8 years and I have done projects in oop ,but I am new in php ( I know the basics of course) . I tried to learn zend framework , because it is oop and mvc , I've done too much search , and I've got too much books and tutorials , but I realy didn't find good resources about teaching zend framework , the books and tutorials don't describe it clearly . of course john lebensold advanced php helps me to understand some of the basic of oop frameworks in php , but I think zend frame work is somehow different . I accept that all of the other oop books in other languages don't discuss the classes profoundly but I think zend frame work needs more precise and clear tutorials and book . How ever I would much appreciate you , if you introduce me clear , profound resources or tutorials about zend framework to me ( the zend framework document and tutorials couldn't satisfy me too). Sincerely yours
  2. Hello all : I am practicing zend framework with John lebensold tutorial movies , it is said that the source code will be available by "Grab a copy of the project or browse the repository" , but I couldn't find any site for the copy or repository. would you please guide me. Sincerely yours
  3. You are completely right Ben ,I accessed it through localhost and it worked . but it seems that we should change the code in oreder that zend studio will be able to parse the code ,what is your idea? Sincerely yours
  4. Hello All: in Killer php Advance php cc (17 videos) in Dispatching Requests to Multiple Controllers . John lebensold teach the follwing switch : switch($uri) { case "/"; case "index"; $controller = new Controllers\IndexController(); break; case "/test": $controller = new Controllers\TestController(); break; } But I encounter a problem , when I tes http://killerphp or http://killerphp/test , the browser shows nothing , because it doesn't know to call dispatch() method in each controller , then I try to call each controller dispatch method as below : switch($uri) { case "/"; case "index"; $controller = new Controllers\IndexController(); $controller->dispatch($uri); break; case "/test": $controller = new Controllers\TestController(); $controller->dispatch($uri); break; } then it works . and the controller works . Mr Jon Lebensold use the first switch .would you please discuss what is the problem Sincerely yours
  5. Hello all , I use zend studio for practicing killer php advanced series as the tutorial says: I use the following codes: <?php define('APPLICATION_PATH', realpath('../')); $paths = array ( APPLICATION_PATH, APPLICATION_PATH.'/com', get_include_path() ); set_include_path(implode(PATH_SEPARATOR, $paths)); var_dump(get_include_path()); echo "<br />"; function __autoload($className) { $filename = str_replace('\\', '/', $className); require_once $filename; } use \com\killerphp\models as Models; //require_once ('User.php'); $user = new User(); echo $user->getName(); ?> zend studio shows me this error syntax error, unexpected 'com', expecting '(' besides the use \com\killerphp\models as Models; it seems that zend studio has a problem with this syntax , I should mention that I use windows xp. Sincerely yours seamoh
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