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  1. I agree with the main idea of the video--yes SEO is about keywords, but to embrace the full potential it must be coupled with link building especially the inbound links.
  2. You have to remember two things when it comes to keywords. These words are QUALITY, CONSISTENCY, PRACTICALITY. Quality means you will use keywords that are really applicable to your content and readers and not just for search engines. Consistency means you use keywords on title, meta, content. Practicality means you will not stuff keywords rather you will place it on a strategic and effective way.
  3. Since you are into web design, try different types of online marketing (social media, forums, online directories, etc.). Try also to have a blog by telling to the people what you know about web design. In that sense, they might see you as a professional web design business. But the most important thing here is that give your very best in every web design project/client you will have. If your projects are really with quality, Word of Mouth Marketing and Viral Marketing will just happen. Good luck and all the best!
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