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  1. after programing your PHP do you turn off apache and mysqual?
  2. That fixed the problem. Thanks so much for your help.
  3. I've been having trouble getting my pages to work both in FireFox and IE... So I started from scratch and checked it in both every time I added a line. It all changed in IE when I added the favricon. It was as if it ignored the css all together. Does anyone know why or how to help.
  4. http://www.beyondthesun.biz I'm not sure how to insert all that you need to see to help me... really new at this.
  5. Hello my name is Mr Washington. I'm new at developing websites and I am using Dream Weaver

    Having trouble with IE and Firefox.

  6. I've been previewing all this time in FireFox and when I finally went to IE and none of my layout is working! Is there something I need to add to my page to get IE to read my CSS Mr. Washington
  7. I have completed the dreamweaver CS5 course and the css course and all this time I have been checking my sites out in Firefox but my wife likes IE and all of a sudden not to my knowledge my css isn't working in IE. Does anybody know a quick fix or do I need to learn a whole new language? Mr Washington
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