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  1. Thanks Ben! May I know how should I install this plugin in my wordpress? I installed in using the normal plugin installation process but it says "The plugin does not have a valid header." I'm not good in coding nor jquery. Can you please guide? Thanks! Eric.
  2. I would like to do something like the slider in http://www.killersites.com but with the whole image as a link. Can someone please help? Basically, this is the template that i use and the template file name is fullwidth-template-notitle.php and the code is : <?php /* Template Name: Full Width Page No Title */ ?> <?php if (get_option('flex_content_trans') == "no") { $fwpagewidth = get_option('flex_blog_width') - get_option('flex_blog_padding'); $fwcontentwidth = get_option('flex_blog_width') - (get_option('flex_blog_padding') * 2); } else { $fwpagewidth = get_option('flex
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