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  1. Thanks for the info all, I'll look into these leads tonight iSticks
  2. Hi all, I dabbled with website design a few years ago (Flash 4 era if I remember correctly) and then my day job and home life got in the way and it fell by the wayside. However a few days ago a friend asked if I'd be able to knock him up a website for his wedding car hire company. This task itself is quite a simple one however the part I struggling with is the photo gallery. He would like to make it easily manageable so that as new photos arrive of the cars and events he attends he would like to upload them into a gallery himself. It has to be a simple operation as he is quite a computer novice. I had planned on just creating a html/css webpage but the photo gallery option doesn't really fit. Also I decided it would probably be better if he could also update the homepage with news of his latest jobs and if he acquires new cars he should be able to maybe add a page in for them. As it stands I am now looking at using CMS software but am a novice with this. I have experimented with Joomla in the past but that was a long time ago. So my question to you is which CMS would you recommend using? It has to be easy to update for my friend and also the easier the creation and template customisation of the page the better. Hope someone is able to help and if this goes well I'm hoping to get back into this as a hobby so will probably be trolling these forums regularly. Thanks in advance. iSticks
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