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  1. Hi, I am new here. I have just downloaded the Complete Web Design Video Tutorial. Has been fun so far. I have just completed part 8 of building website but I am having problems with some of my links. I cannot figure out what I have done wrong. Can someone help, please?

    1. Andrea


      Go to the forum and post a link to your site - if it's not uploaded, at least post the code. Without seeing what you have, we can only guess.

    2. Odessa Huggins
    3. nwest


      I'm new too. I'm on lesson 15 and have fought through some of the same stuff you are dealing with i'm sure. don't get discouraged it will come to you. this course is fun, but can be frustrating for sure. I'm on part 15 of Web design 1, and i'm stuck too.

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