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  1. as i'm still very new to php, I only started learning yesterday, feel free to ignore anything i say. but as i have a little bit of knowledge with coding, it would appear that you never closed your first function. I didn't look very closely or very long but i would try that first.
  2. sorry that was a mistake on my part. the actual site is forestcitytravelball.com I didn't use any tables in it. The other site is for a local team, that was the domain that we were wanting to get, but it was already taken Also keep in mind this is the second website i've made. The other was made last year for my Senior Project, and it didn't get published.
  3. Sorry but I didnt' use any of those in my page. I never learned tables. I picked up CSS about 5 years ago when I was on myspace creating my own layouts.. Unless you aren't getting the page correctly somehow or it's adding them when you view the source, I have no table tags..
  4. I didn't think I was using tables.. I think the biggest thing I don't understand about css is the "em" units or whatever.. Also how can I add styles to different items within one section?
  5. I attached my main page, and the css file, although the problem doesn't occur untill i add more too it.. just copy that picture 3 or 4 times. EDIT: In case you need it here is a link to the actual site.. www.forestcitybaseball.com FCBB.css index.html
  6. Wasn't sure if this should be here or in basic, but Layout goes like this. I have a wrapper( header-wrapper[ header, logo], navigation, body-wrapper{body-header, body}, footer) What is happening is I try to put overflow:auto in the body area and end up with a scroll bar in the body and then a scroll bar for what little page I have (about 700px) I want the body and wrapper to grow as I start adding stuff like pictures.. right now I have a white background set for the wrapper and the body and a red background color overall when I add pictures the pictures fill up the body and th
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