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  1. Hi, Í´m interested in dispalying 2-3 thumbnails under the featured image in single-view. http://www.magnustannfors.se/nordchark_wp33/?product=pressylta Thanx! /FUnkydRummer
  2. Hi, I´m intressted in duplicate the custom post type that i just completed(products). (the great 7-part tutorial, killersites) I want to add a recepies page (same function as products but on separate page with custom meny). But how is that done? how do i get the custom meny to show only on the recept page? http://www.magnustannfors.se/nordchark_wp33/?recept=test-recept Thanx for great forum!
  3. Hi, I´m interested in display news in sidebar (short text and link to a separate page(exerpt?) Any easy way to do that? I tried to use the text widget but it is too complicated for other poeple to use.. Is it possible to query post or what is the best/easiest way?
  4. Ok, thanx! But how do I edit the category template? Is it just to insert a div and hardcode the text to the "category.php"? Killersites forum is the best!
  5. HI, I´m intressted in having some info text top of the category page. Any easy way to do that? http://www.magnustannfors.se/nordchark_wp33/?type=grovkorv Best, Mang
  6. Thanx Ben, Just minor problems left.. The test "download button" dont show in Internet Explorer but works fine in the other browser (firefox etc)... http://www.magnustannfors.se/nordchark_wp33/?product=test-korv-4 And i´m also interested in styling the custom meny sidebar wiget(that controls the product nav) or just wrap it with a background picture? or maybe sliding door version, is that possible? example link (glossy yellow product nav-box), http://www.charkdelikatesser.se/sortiment/ And the last question, is there a way to have like a table grid that you can
  7. Great Thanx! But how do i include/show the customfeilds metabox in the new custom post type?
  8. Thanx for your answer! Im gonna try to use custom feilds. But just one last thing.. if I want to style the category page similar to this, http://www.coolibox.com/produkter.php Which file shuld i change(floats, the 2 Different post background colors, size of the box,)? And if i want to have a larger picture on the singe.php and (not the same thumb 200px*200px) (My test page) http://www.magnustannfors.se/nordchark_wp33/?type=grovkorv Your help is amazing, thanx! Best, Mang
  9. Hi, I just I just watched the custom post types 7-part video tutorial(killersites) great stuff! But i´m intrested in adding video or maybe a picture download link through custom fields in the single-product.php file.. similar to this, http://popcritics.co...ies/adams-apple I Know that i have to query the custom feilds but how will the code looks like? Is there any easy way to pull that of?
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