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  1. Hi BeeDev, Sorry I didn't see your reponse last time, yep I can see that you are probably right, I think it was a slight glitch in my editor software that currently is making certain things look uncentered. Thanks for that. However, I know I probably didn't make it clear enough, but that was only part of my problem. Thanks again mzsade, I didn't have a chance to look over everything but by spending about 25 minutes absorbing what the article you recommended from the 'alistapart' website said I was able to get my head around it. Fantastic article and written in a really engag
  2. Thanks for that Andrea, I will start getting those things sorted. I have also just read on another forum about using display:block for images and along with the margin:auto and even text-align:center to make sure things are compatible with some IE browsers, I play these with these things in about 15 minutes. Thanks
  3. Hi all, Just when I think I am beginning to get this stuff, something simple comes up and I am embrassed at not being able to do it. Anyway, I am trying to create a simple page with a h1 tag at the top and four images, 2 on one side and 2 on the other with a background color for the images and for the h1 and all the content being centered. Something like this. This Is My Title img1 img2 img3 img4 The background color same for everything but with a white space between the title and top images. I am trying to do this by CSS (I have had to resort
  4. I hear you scream and I am with you totally. The brower thing has been beating my head against the brick Wall. However, even though it is free to upgrade your browser many people that visit your site are not able to because they visit it on their work computer, and speaking from personal experience, they are blocked from doing things like upgrading browsers etc, it needs to be something done as a whole by somebody in their computer department at head office and it really isn't a priority for most of them. However, I only try and do things for IE7 upwards I use the http://www.ie6nomo
  5. Now it all makes sense... I thought it might stand for Credit Card and I had to pay more money for the good stuff. (Just kidding by the way, I didn't really think it stood for Credit Card, but I would never have guest Closed Caption).
  6. Hi, I am learning loads going through the killersites university videos; however, I am currently going through the beginners Javascript which has 39 videos in it and I noticed that there are 2 Beginner javascript tabs that seem to have exactly the same 39 videos, the only difference seems to be that once has [CC] after it. What does this stand for? What are the differences? I am assuming that they are both identical and I only have to go through one set of 39 videos, but some clarification on why there are two sets would be great, otherwise my mind starts to wonder and think that I m
  7. Thanks again Ben, I have only been a member here for a few days and I am blown away by the help you guys give. Special thanks to you and Andrea, but everybody here is awesome.
  8. Hi Ben, I am definitly open minded to using something like a Lightbox effect. I looked at the example you gave and I am lost. I didn't see any of there examples showing a thumbnail image that when clicked on opens up into a larger image. However, I think I probably just need to download it and play with it. I can see that I am going to have to do a lot of playing around and trying to figure that out to. This stuff is quite difficult for a new person to it; however, I need to learn the code properly and stop using some of the software that I have used in the past where I am restricte
  9. Thanks, that is all I needed to know. Back to some learning...
  10. Hi Andrea, Thanks for replying again. I planned to change the bigger images to something more legible. These were just test ones, so I am hoping that once I do better quality ones that it will add to the overall value of what the visitors get and it will be useful. Yes, I agree that the larger ones do need to be a bit smaller. From what you are saying one of the problems appears to be that the popups can't take up the same space, is that right? For example, when you hover over the left or right one I potentially wanted the large versions to show in exactly in the same position as
  11. Hi, This may be a silly question. But I have been watching some of the videos http://www.killersites.com/university/ and I have enjoyed them but a number of them are not accessibly; now I am assuming this is because you have to pay for joining the University to see the rest, but may be it is just me, but this really isn't clear. To me it just looks like you can watch some and the others or not accessible because they have not been completed or something. I was going to pay for the University but because I wasn't sure if the other vidoes would be accessible, i.e. if they have been comp
  12. I have been using coffeecup HTML editor 2010 edition for about 4 months and I really like it. I am still fairly new to designing websites from the ground up, but it does the job for me. The great thing about almost all (if not all) the coffee cup products is that you can download them for a free trial, so if you don't like it you won't have spent any money. I love the thing.
  13. Hi Ben, Thanks for that. The IETester seems like exactly what I wanted. I have been searching everywhere for something that does just that. Thanks
  14. Here it is. http://realpatientvoices.co.uk/community/ It is a combination of various bits of software integrated such as phpfox and vbulletin. The page in question is phpfox so I don't know if you will have problems finding the css page, which is why I posted it instead of the link.
  15. Hi all, I am starting to get serious about designing websites from scratch the right way instead of just using templates or certain pieces of software to do it for me. However, I want to know how to check how my website looks and feels in different browsers. I know I can download a bunch of the latest versions of different types of browsers but I am particularly interested in older versions of IE such as IE6 or IE7. I also know I can use places like browsershots but I want to actually be able to click around and test the functionality and the way it looks on a live site, rather th
  16. Hmm, I am still having a few problems. My biggest problem I think I figured out. Basically I removed all the <br />'s and that made my layout okay again, but now in IE7 the larger image that pops up is in a different position than it is in firefox. I have played around with the code for hours and I can't get them to look the same. It has got to be something in the CSS (I assume) but I can't figure out what. I have been through all the tutorials etc at w3schools, but still can't figure it out. Any more help would be greatfully recieved. This is a brand new site and I wan
  17. I don't know about annoy another company; however, lots of people type the URL straight into the address bar and often they type it in wrong. Therefore if you have a website that gets hundreds of thousands of visitors a month that is called faceoff.com and someone goes and buys the domain name faseoff.com you can be sure that a reasonable number of people will be typing in faseoff.com by mistake and then they are viewing someone elses site and this person is trying to market to them, whatever they like. Personally I don't see have effect this would be, but I see these kind of sites up all
  18. Thanks Wickham, I am going to have a play with it now and see if I can get things to work. Thanks alot for taking the time to post.
  19. Hello all, I have been trying to do something for a total of about 6 hours and I have looked up so many things on google that I think I am going crazy. I am simply trying to create 3 images, one beside the other and when you hover over each one a larger version of that image pops up. I have managed to get it working okay in firefox, even though now that is even messing up, but it has never worked properly in IE7. I am just learning css and feel sure that it is something that I am doing wrong there. Can anyone please help me, before I go insane? Here is the css I am usin
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