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  1. Thanks Ben - I really do appreciate your help. I'll look into it further (when I have a little more time (i.e. when I'm not trying to work on this stealth while at work)) TOM
  2. The problem is I'm using a plugin for Joomla (see original post), where the CSS selectors are specified within the plugin's parameters. Are you able to tell where (i.e. in what file) the actual cufon statements are that I need to try to modify? In other words, can you tell using Firebug or the like?
  3. That is EXACTLY correct . . . I just need to figure out (or help with) how to configure things to make that happen.
  4. Since I'm using a plugin, where the CSS selectors are specified within the plugin's parameters, where (in what file) are the actual cufon statements that I need to try to enter (can you tell from looking at it?) I tried specifying #ja-mainnav ul.level0 li ul a:hover { font-family: Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif; } but it did not work. I'm thinking, perhaps, that the "#ja-mainnav" designation is linking level0 and level1 (assuming "level0"controls the main nav items and "level1" controls the subnav items) - thereby causing the unwanted mouseover effect. So, what I'm wondering
  5. Greetings Experts: I am working on a Joomla 1.5 based site and am using the kc_cufon plugin (http://www.keashly.net/typography/kc...nt-replacement) for my main navigation menu items - which works perfectly. It's a mega-menu structure and, unfortunately, the cufon seems to be affecting my sub-navigation items upon mouse hover/rollover - which is an unwanted effect. I want the sub items (within the drop-down) to be Arial font. Here is the url to my WIP: www.musicians-marketplace.com/zeo2 The Main Navigation menu is across the top (i.e. Guitars-Drums-Keyboards, etc.). Note the sub-nav
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