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  1. Now that my immediate problem is resolved, I would like to address your thought on giving viewers a way to disable the sound files. Do you have any thoughts/suggestions on the best way to do this?
  2. Thanks for your help. Based on your input, I finally realized the my css folder was name css in my html files, but CSS (caps) on the server. After I renamed the folder, everything works. Boy, do I feel dumb!! Once again, thanks.
  3. The statements in my .htm files which point to the external sheet are like this: <style type="text/css" media="all">@import url("http://www.southdademalechorusunion.org/css/master.css");</style> (I originally had it as just "css/master.css", but went back and added full path as part of my troubleshooting
  4. Yes, the code was created by FP. The .htm files view properly in Firefox & IE. Had no problems until after uploading to server. The site url is: SDMCU The external sheet is named master.css, and is located in the css subfolder, and is attached. (My first external, so it's probably a mess, but it does validate using the W3C CSS validator.) It should have a header div, main-nav div, content div, and footer div, all of which should be 760px wide, and centered on page. Thanks for replying master.css
  5. To further expand, the actual .htm files view perfectly in Firefox & IE. It was only after I published to my server that things went crazy. Could it be something not installed on the server?
  6. I've been developing sites in HTML for years. Now, I'm trying to master CSS, to give me more control. I created a site, with the css in external sheet css/master.css. When I previewed it in MS FrontPage or in Firefox or IE, it looks perfect. When I published it to my server, the css features don't work anymore, so my divs are no longer centered on the page. I'm lost! Any suggestions for a css newbie?
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