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  1. The link about custom post archives is probably the solution I seek. It's a bit strange that wordpress can show site.com/movies/walktheline as a one-custom-post-page but when you try site.com/movies/ you get nothing as logic as an archive of all your custom posts. Thanks for the links I'll try this one out later this week and let you know if it worked.
  2. Looking forward to it. If you need more info just shout. i tried a few other things but with still no succes. So any help would be greatly appreciated.
  3. I watched the custom post types (thanks Ben for the nice work) videos and had an idea for my own blog. I sometimes get asked to write a review on my blog about music, games, books, ... When I do such a review it's just a normal blogpost among the others. I had the idea to create 3 custom post types: muziek (music), boeken (books), games. I want to use the custom post types to get a nice overview of everything I reviewed in a certain category (post-type). I want http://epicnic.be/?post_type=muziek to show a overview like in the videos of Ben where It shows just a picture and a rating of th
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