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  1. I'm new at this, so i may be missing out on the structure of this stuff Anyways, I've attached the two files at work here. The first snippet is from a templates page, which is sending product info to paypal for the transaction. I'm assuming that once the purchase is made IPN info will be sent to my ipn.php file? (second snippet), which will then write to payments.txt? Is this how it works? Thanks help.php
  2. Here goes, I have modified the shopping cart system from killersites, and have also linked up with paypal successfully. I also just tested the IPN system from paypal and recorded a fiew variables in my sql database table called purchases. 1st Question: A general question regarding sandbox: Does the IPN testing occur when you make a mock purchase through your actual website. The only way i have successfully passed IPN information along to my database is through the "Instant Payment Notification (IPN) simulator". This is great, but i would really like to see information passed from m
  3. Yep, it would happen when adding items to the cart. I did manage to fix the issue, but I'm still unsure about why it was picking up info from the xml doc. In any case, it works now. Thanks.
  4. I recently purchased the video tutorial and went through the xml portion without any issues. However, i have gone through the mysql revisions to the existing code many times with absolutely no success. I have gone back through the videos and copied down exactly what was written. I even went so far as to create the exact same database in phpmyadmin. These are the errors i receive. Its interesting too, because its looking for PASTA01 which was your example id from the xml. But I have completely crossed over to the sql side and don't have the value PASTA01 anywhere in my database. Whats
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