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  1. @ Tofayel. I haven't experienced this at all.


    @ Tom


    I do not generally like forums because they end up like chat rooms full of kids with smart ass remarks or sarcastic responses.


    Yes, like many other forums and especially Youtube I must add, this is pretty much my findings too.


    They make up what I refer too as Keyboard warriors. IE if you were standing face to face in a bus stop or Bar they wouldn't dare be so rude, but typing in there mothers bedroom on her Laptop with a cup of hot coco in there hands they become amazingly brave as they insult you facelessly from half way around the world. Never saw the need to do that as what does it prove? What a coward I am??


    Of course I am not bothered if others disagree with my points as long as they are constructive and respectful in there content as I am to them.


    There are few places on the net that seem to be safe from Keyboard warriors but killer sites seems to be. If this is the result of strong moderation what is another way of saying zero tolerance for keyboard warriors, then im happy with that.

  2. Hi guys,


    I currently host a web site for a friend here...



    Whilst the site is nothing more than a wordpress template it now has many more members than my friend ever anticipated, so he doesn't want to just scrap it and restart over what I fully understand.


    I need to stop using this host however and go over to another hosting company that in my view have much better support. I therefore need to swap this site from its current location to the new hosting provider.


    I appreciate there may be some downtime with the site and that's fine, but can anyone explain step by step in beginner terms what I am to do here. Would be greatly appreciated. I going to guess its not as simply as drag and drop :blink:


    Many thanks in advance for constructive replies.

  3. Hey been thinking about this...


    If wordpress is the way to go, the only thing I really need to do is come up with a template for wordpress. Wordpress is so easy to set up I don't mind doing this twice.


    If I design my own template I can just apply it again and again where I see fit.


    Am I right in thinking this?

  4. If this helps any, Wordpress has assigned the following link to my new page


    Permalink: localhost/mene/wordpress/blog-news/


    But when I go there I get


    Not Found


    The requested URL /mene/wordpress/blog-news/ was not found on this server.



    Been on with this for hours now. Not sure what else to try.






  5. Hey again all, im having a 'mare today argggg! :blink: You know a day where you just want to get on but everything decides to act up :)


    Im adding new pages to my wordpress site I am building on WAMP yet the all display the 404 not found message when I try to view them.


    I have changed the permalinks but I did this prior to putting any new pages or posts in there. So im not sure if its this but thought it worth a mention.


    Any ideas anyone? Greatly appreciated as always.

  6. Hi there, thanks for the reply.


    So there is no way I can do this from my PC? IE client can see what I have without uploading?

    The only way is if my site is online?


    If thats the case I wonder why im messing around with WAMP in the first place?



    Ok, so say in future I work on all of my sites online and skip WAMP, where do I put the site on my server so both myself and the client only can see it? Ideally Id like not to have to move it from there on in.

  7. Hey guys.


    I just wanted to say I am very happy so far with my premium subscription. There is enough content on there to keep me going for ever. Also backed up with the friendly and mature forum in honesty I don't need look anywhere else.


    Im currently studying:-








    Not in that order, I do what I need to do today as I have a client and am learning as I go.


    I can honestly say Killer sites is the backbone of my start up web design business! I don't know how I can give a higher rating than that. :clap:


    So, keep it up and ill keep stumping up for my subscription B)

  8. (haha, nothing rude here, just a hopefully catchy title :D )


    I have my first client and am in the process of putting together a web site with Dreamweaver CS5 and Wordpress and learning loads as I go along with some great killersites tutorials.


    What I would like to do though, is be able to show the client my work. Im not sure the best way to go about this. It is currently on my desktop under WAMP.


    I have a few ideas but they evolve around me uploading the site to a password locked location on my server. However to do this Id have to upload it from WAMP, then to the location on my server and then again (if the client is happy) onto there server (if they dont host with me.) Im not sure how easy/hard it is to swap locations of a web site but im guessing not straight forward?


    But what do I know, there is probably another way of doing this I don't know about.



    Any suggestions or help welcomed.


    All the best,



  9. No, that's a difference between MAMP on a Mac and WAMP on Windows. Both pieces of software do the same thing -- allow you to run a server on your local computer -- but they do have different setups for some reason.



    Thanks Ben,


    It must be something my end as on the video you can see the guy set it up and I followed step by step and on the vid it works fine yet on mine it wont take the password no mater what.


    Im suspecting this may well be down to the fact I have a later version of the software as the video was produced a year or so ago. Cant think what else. Actually I can, everything I touch I break haha. Its me!! Im a jinx!

  10. Another hurdle. Don't think this had anything to do with the vid, just Wamp being awkward.


    Video states input 'root' for user and password when creating the database. But then come the start of the wordpress set up process unless I left password absolutely blank I kept getting the error message. So if you can't get any further forward may well be worth a try doing this. But I think this may just be an issue my end.

  11. Thanks Stefan,


    Just wanted to share with others the missing section that had me baffled.


    1 - After following the video to 1.06.

    2 - Copy your unzipped Wordpress. Navigate to the folder to where you installed Wamp on your hard drive then in that directory open the www. folder.

    3 - Paste your uncompressed Wordpress folder into wamp/www.

    4 - Un pause the video and follow from 1.06.




    Basically in no web guru terms, you don't install wordpress in the traditional way you would install a game or MS word or whatever. (IE you would double click an .exe file (windows) and go through a process where files are installed onto your hard drive.)


    Instead, you simply uncompress the download then drag and drop the resulting folder to www.



    Hope this helps someone out. Its one of thoese tiny little details that now I think, what was all the fuss about but it had me baffled for hours.

  12. Hi guys,


    I'm trying hard to follow on here but have no clue how we get from downloading wordpress to having it installed.


    On The Setting up Wordpress Part 1 video, we seem to jump from downloading WP (at 38 seconds)to it magically being installed. By 1.00 the instructor goes on to talk about the installed structure. ??? I didn't see anything get installed. One minute we were downloading then next he was deleting double wordpress files and renaming one.


    Its then mentioned something about extracted all the files onto his file system. Whats a file system? A hard drive folder where we should instal too? How do we instal??


    At 1:39 we are told "Now that we have Wordpress installed" (Downloaded yes, but not installed) and then we go onto MAMP.



    Could anyone go over this please.

  13. Hi all,


    This is no doubt me, ill have missed something or other. Wondering if anyone can look over.


    Its from the navbar tutorial. Works fine in Firefox but in IE the buttons jump about as you hover.


    <!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Transitional//EN" "http://www.w3.org/TR/xhtml1/DTD/xhtml1-transitional.dtd">

    <html xmlns="http://www.w3.org/1999/xhtml">


    <meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=UTF=8" />

    <title>Untitled Document</title>

    <link href="nav.css" rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" />





    <li><a href="">One</a></li>

    <li><a href="">Two</a></li>

    <li><a href="">Three</a></li>

    <li><a href="">Four</a></li>






    ul {

    margin: 0px;

    padding: 0px;

    list-style-image: none;


    ul li a {

    display: block;

    height: 40px;

    width: 200px;

    line-height: 40px;

    text-decoration: none;

    color: #FFFFFF;

    text-indent: 75px;

    background-image: url(pixy-rollover.gif);

    background-repeat: no-repeat;

    margin-bottom: 20px;

    background-position: right;


    ul li a:hover {

    background-image: url(pixy-rollover.gif);

    background-repeat: no-repeat;

    background-position: left;




    Could someone explain what I have done wrong or why this is happening. Hopefully I will learn something new.

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