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  1. Thanks Ben. Wow, 5 year old software and the the patches are 8.0.1 for Fireworks and 8.0.2 foir Dreamweaver? Either they made it good in the first place so it didnt need much patching or Adobe abandoned it when they took over.
  2. Hi, I just bought Studio 8 of Ebay. Normally there are patches and updates but I can't find anything for Studio 8. Can anyone tell me the latest versions? IE 8. what and how you update i? I was hoping for an update button, then a connection to Adobe and bobs your uncle.
  3. Hi VIrtual, I got how it overrides it. Just cannot see how that is useful at this point. Im more clinging to the fact the ID tag does exactly the same as the class tag yet the class tag can be used multiple times with the same name or not making it superior to the ID tag in my beginners mind. I am correct in saying you could build a site without ID tags and just use Class tags right? As said ill probs understand it better in a month or so.
  4. Yeah the only two reasons I want to go W7 is 1- I really like the auto back up system and 2 - The facility to have more than 3.3 gig of RAM as imposed by 32 bit systems. (I can fit 8 gig to my mobo but only 3.3 will be recognised unless I go 64 bit. But then I worry none of my software will work properly.) Think ill just stick with what ive got. Seems its going to be a hassle moving up and im not sure 8 gig of RAM will actually do anything for me just yet. Most games and PC apps will run fine of 3 gig. I suppose in the coming years it will be this that forces me over to 64 bit.
  5. Thanks, I didn't know about XP mode. I do a bit of gaming from time to time. Im not sure if any of these will work on XP mode. Infact most of the software I have and own is 64 bit. Im wondering is Win 7 64 bit the right direction for me at all? Im wondering if I should just stick with XP
  6. Hi, If I upgrade to 64 bit Win 7 will I still be able to use my Studio 8 software from 2005?
  7. I see, Ill just put it to bed for now and no doubt get to it as and when. And then like Virtual said wonder what the question was in the first place Thanks for all the replies
  8. @ Virtual Hey there, yes I totally expect this to be the case with most of the newbie questions I will ask over the next 6 months. Like I said in my opening post Im obviously not getting this. By this I mean the way I currently see ID and Class tags is obviously wrong, but I still can't see how. @ Falkencreative Im sorry but I still don't see them as different at all. But Im really pleased for your example, and this is how I will use them. At this stage I dont really need to know why, just how to use them correctly as I don't want to get into bad habits that become difficult to correct later. Thanks for all the replies.
  9. Hi, thanks for replies. Still not getting the need for two tags that can do exactly the same job. If there was no such thing as an ID tag then it could not over rule the class tag. The class tag seems to be able to do everything the ID tag can and more.
  10. Hi all, Just following through the wed designer DVD. Great going so far but one thing has me stumped. Class tags can be named the same as each other where as IDs can’t as they must all have the same name. If I have understood this correct I am struggling to understand how ID tags are not obsolete. Does anyone else see how you don’t need an ID tag as the Class tag can do its job and more? I obviously not getting this so can someone please elaborate and explain why you need the seemingly superseded ID tag anymore? Thanks in advance.
  11. I think a lot depends on what standard of web design your at. Im an intermediate beginner who has a basic understanding of HTML and CSS. As such DW8 does everything I need it too at my level, it is far too powerful for me. If you buy studio 8 you get the superb Fireworks 8 that for what ever reason is shadowed by Illustrator and Photoshop especially now since there all owned by Adobe. Although I am new to web design I am not to web graphic design and Fireworks has been all I have ever required for web graphics. A fantastic tool very lite both in interface and CPU/RAM requirements and I still use version 8. I don't even look at Photoshop or Illustrator. Also in studio 8 is various Flash software that I currently know nothing about. But still I aim to learn Flash any time soon (watch this space :] ) so a great edition non the less. To summarise, if you are a total or like myself an intermediate/advanced beginner to web design, DW8 is a superb buy second hand and will do everything you want and its value is only eclipsed by a second hand copy of Studio 8 if you can EBay it for a good price. That all said Adobe are very generous towards students (which I currently am) and if you are you might want to check out the offers as if your a student CS5 becomes more and more tempting due to the staggering 50% plus off the full versions.
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